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Our Programs and You

A variety of fun and enriching clubs are not the only means by which our 4-H chapter engages our community. Members can also enjoy a range of fun and rewarding programs throughout the year, that provide them with memories and life-long skills. 

4-H WInter Camp
Do you like the outdoors? Hiking in the woods, sleigh riding, and campfires? Do you like making new friends to share thrilling memories with? If so sign up for our annual Winter Camp weekend!

4-H members can enjoy nature in the great outdoors with access to heated cabins with bunk beds, a dining hall with a fireplace, and showers and indoor bathrooms. Spend an exciting two day weekend with us up at LG Cook 4-H Camp, located in Stokes State Forest. Transportation is provided, and along with the activities listed above, 4-H campers can also expect hearty meals cooked by fellow 4-h counties, night hikes, games, and roaring campfires. winter camp is a beloved 4-H tradition and a fantastic experience for all ages!
If you're interesting in joining us for winter camp, please email our head agent Mr. Nichnadowicz. Overall cost for the trip is $85.

Spots are limited, so please contact as soon as possible. RSVPS will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Chaperones are greatly appreciated.
Click the clover to email our head agent
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